Sunday, March 18, 2012

Raleigh Springs Mall is For Sale

Lovely Memphis explores the largely uninhabited Raleigh Springs Mall, where much of its commercial space is now for empty and for sale.

Raleigh Springs mall was once a busy commercial venue in the heart of North Memphis. Its descent through the years has concluded into its current vacant state. Despite the ghost town it has become, Raleigh Springs buildings continue to inspire with its industrial, militaristic, modern architecture. The vastness of it is awe-inspiring. Just as a place full of people and activity can inspire and conjure beauty, the emptiness of Raleigh Springs Mall is beautiful because of the way nature continues, and the way the ghosts of people and activity are evident throughout. The remnants of man's footprint there guides viewers through a place without any one there to show them the way, mixing both a private and public experience for any visitor there to explore.

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